Is Congress Declaring War On ISIS Or On You?

Ron Paul
Activist Post

Passage of Senator Mitch McConnell’s authorization for war against ISIS will not only lead to perpetual US wars across the globe, it will also endanger our civil and economic Obama_bin_Laden_Invade_Syria_to_Attack_ISIS_CIAliberties. The measure allows the president to place troops anywhere he determines ISIS is operating. Therefore, it could be used to justify using military force against United States citizens on US territory. It may even be used to justify imposing martial law in America.

The President does not have to deploy the US military to turn America into a militarized police state, however. He can use his unlimited authority to expand programs that turn local police forces into adjuncts of the US military, and send them increasing amounts of military equipment. Using the threat of ISIS to justify increased police militarization will be enthusiastically supported by police unions, local officials, and, of course, politically-powerful defense contractors. The only opposition will come from citizens whose rights have been violated by a militarized police force that views the people as the enemy.



One of the Paris Terrorists Was “WHITE, Clean-Shaven”

From Washington’s Blog
(November 17, 2015)

False Flag? Light-Skinned, Clean-Shaven ISIS Jihadis Who Went Undercover To Carry Out The Terrorist Attack? Or Homegrown Terrorists?

The Mirror reports on this eyewitness account:

“At about 9.30pm a new looking black Mercedes pulled up outside with dark tinted windows at the back and the passenger and driver windows down. I could clearly see the passenger’s face as he was not ­wearing a hat or mask.

“As soon as the car stopped he quietly opened the door and got out in front of the restaurant.

“That is when I saw he was ­holding a machine gun that was resting on his hip. I could not take in what I was witnessing.

“People outside spotted the shooter approaching with his gun and tried to run inside but he shot them down in the doorway.

“Then people inside moved ­forward to see what was happening and he sprayed more bullets into them. I was trying to catch them on my camera phone but the gunman saw the light on my mobile and I ducked down behind the wall as they fired at my hotel. The gunman calmly reloaded his weapon several times. He then shot up at the windows in the street to make sure nobody was filming anything or taking photographs. It lasted over six minutes

“He fired lots of bullets. He was white, clean shaven and had dark hair neatly trimmed. He was dressed all in black accept for a red scarf.

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Kevin Barrett says California shooting another US false flag attack


Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, editor of the Veterans Today from Madison, on inconsistencies of US reports about a shooting rampage in California.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Even the attorney for this family, I believe he was on CNN, brought up many inconsistencies on the story. How do you feel about this?

Barrett: I’m afraid that we may be seeing yet another false flag massacre like September 11, 2001, like July 7th, 2005 and like the two recent shooting attacks in Paris. It appears that all of these events and many many others are part of a program that’s called “Gladio B.”

It’s a continuation of the NATO false flag terror program that blue people often murdered people throughout the Cold War in Europe. It was run by the United States’ joint chiefs of staff. Today the Gladio B program is run essentially by the same people with the huge new input from the Israelis.


Turkey-NATO Crisis Sets The Scene For New European ‘EU Army’

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

They say there are no coincidences in politics and foreign affairs.
Less than 72 hours after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter inside of Syrian airspace, moves are already afoot to increase the role of Europe in Syria.

Germany has now joined the party this week by revealing its intention to deploy ground troops in the fight against ISIS. Angela Merkel’s government announced its plan to send 100 Bundeswehr Special Forces into Northern Iraq to support of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Britain is not far behind either, as David Cameron intensifies his lobbying efforts to get his country into the war in Syria.

BRUSSELS BLITZKRIEG: With Germany joining the ISIS fight, Cameron and Merkel finalize their plan for a new EU Army.
Is this part of a defacto NATO action now, or NATO by fiat? If only it were that simple…


As Obama Longs For ‘Paris Nights’, Russia Moves Missile Cruiser off Syrian Coast, Warns Turkey ‘There Are Consequences’

henningsenPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Yesterday’s international air incident which took place along the Syrian-Turkish border, is potentially the most dangerous geopolitical events to take place in living memory – an incident that is already quickly threatening to kill a number of peace treaties, as well as intensify an international situation that’s already beyond repair.

You’d expect a US leader to bring his A game. Instead, President Barack Obama did something astonishing at yesterday’s White House press conference with French leader Francois Hollande.

Rather than bother to appear as an honest broker and mediate the international incident (NATO’s last shoot-down of a Russian aircraft was in 1951), the he instead blamed Russia for Turkey shooting its fighter down and for its pilots being killed or captured by US/NATO/Turkey-backed militant Islamist insurgents camped along Syria’s northwest border with Turkey.

Equally as childish, CNN trumpeted the tired, camp T-shirt cum hashtag slogan, running with the headline, “Obama: We are all French now”.


Russian Warplane Down: NATO’s Act of War


Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.31.10 PMTony Cartalucci
New Eastern Outlook

Despite blatant provocation, Russia must continue toward the finish line. With cameras rolling, Turkey has claimed it has shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft. The New York Times in its article, “Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane Near Syria Border,” reports that:

Turkish fighter jets on patrol near the Syrian border shot down a Russian warplane on Tuesday after it violated Turkey’s airspace, a long-feared escalation that could further strain relations between Russia and the West.

The escalation is “long feared” not because the Turkish government actually fears that Russian warplanes crossing their border pose a threat to it or its people, but because Russia has ended NATO’s proxy war, a proxy war spearheaded in part by Turkey itself, amid Russia’s joint military operations with Syria against the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (ISIS) and supporting terrorist factions.


Video: War Monger Sen. Lindsey Graham Goes Berserk! “You’ve Turned Syria Over to Russia and Iran”

Russia Insider

Paris Attacks: Challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11”



The narrative of the Paris Attacks flooding the corporate media right now is rigidly controlled and firmly delineated. The atrocities were committed by ISIS, which is an evil jihadi terror group with no affiliation to western governments, and there was nothing the western security services could have done to prevent them.

No deviation from this is permitted either above or below the line. If you talk about the links between ISIS and NATO or the Saudis will be censored. Mention the name “Gladio” in the Guardian comments and you will be Memory-Holed on the spot. The idea that such events as these or such entities as ISIS even might be state-sponsored either covertly or directly is currently not permissible in our “free society”. There is currently total lockdown on any kind of dissent.

This lockdown, this suppression of alternative narratives is ultimately more important than the question of who did or did not perpetrate the atrocity.


Paris, Syria, terror to dominate G20 talks

Puja Mehra
The Hindu

A statement on fighting terrorism will be issued after the dinner, news agency Reuters reported, quoting Russian officials.

Friday’s violence on the streets of Paris added fresh urgency to the scheduled talks on terror, a key theme on the agenda at the two-day Group of 20 Summit starting Sunday in Antalya, Turkey. As world leaders congregate in this Turkish resort town, the attacks in Paris and global efforts aimed at crackdown on terrorism will take center stage.

Leaders of the Group of 20 major economies (G20), including the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia and Brazil will discuss climate change and global cooperation to unearth black money but the talks are set to be dominated by attacks in Paris and the war in Syria, said official sources.

The G20 leaders are scheduled to discuss terrorism and migration meet at a working dinner on Sunday but, following the Paris attacks, the deliberations could be moved forward if such a proposal is moved the Turkish presidency, said official sources. A statement on fighting terrorism will be issued after the dinner, news agency Reuters reported, quoting Russian officials.


France may introduce nationwide curfews in wake of Paris attacks


The French interior minister has given the go-ahead to local authorities across the country to impose a curfew in certain areas as part of security measures in the wake of shooting and bomb attacks in Paris, where over 120 people died.

Bernard Cazeneuve said on Saturday that local officials are allowed to introduce the curfews in areas which they deem necessary to prevent attacks similar to the deadly assaults in the capital on Friday.

The French interior minister, who was addressing the nation in televised remarks, said a series of increased security measures would also be introduced across France, including thousands more troops and police and special protection for certain public buildings. He said that demonstrations will be banned at least until Thursday.


Paris Attacks: A Perfect Pretext For NATO To Mobilize in Syria and Iraq

21st Century Wire

To anyone who is really paying attention, the real agenda behind this ‘terror’ event in Paris – is a NATO-sponsored intervention in Syria and northern Iraq.

Also, the following will now be buried: any talk of preserving privacy rights in the west, a debate on mass surveillance and bulk data collection, opposition against mandatory biometric ID’s in Europe, Israel’s isolation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Iraq War Inquiry in Britain, and of course – any political opposition to an increased western military presence in Syria, Iraq (and any where else).

RT America reports:

Numerous reports are linking the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, which left over 150 civilians dead in the French capital, to the Islamic State. But what would such a connection mean for France and, potentially, for NATO? Journalist and international analyst Patrick Henningsen (21st Century Wire) talks with Sean Thomas about the global impact of the Paris attacks…

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The Real Truth Behind Russian Flight KGL9268 Crash In Egypt

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