Facebook announces surge in govts’ demands for personal user data


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Requests for user data from governmental organizations, as well as content restrictions increased “globally” in the first half of 2015, Facebook says in its report. Half the requests came from the US – only one was made by Russia.

Over 41,000 government requests for account data were received by Facebook during the six months, it revealed in its “Global Government Requests Report” covering January to June 2015, saying the number had increased by 18 percent compared to the second half of last year.

US law enforcement agencies have been the most demanding, with US agencies requesting data from 26,579 accounts. A significant amount of requests also came from the UK, Germany and France. User data requests from Russia totaled one, Facebook said.



DO NOT SIGN the Refusal to Vaccinate form!


AL Whitney
Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines
August 18, 2015)


The Refusal to Vaccinate document was created by the CDC or the American Academy of Pediatrics ‘legal department’ as a response to the growing number of toxic vaccines recommended by them and the growing number of parents who are becoming educated on this issue. According to CDC recommendations, our children should now receive 37 doses of vaccines between 0-16 years. [See Vaccine Schedule]

This document, now being used to overcome vaccine awareness, is the most diabolical strategy possible! It is unlikely that physicians have any idea what they are asking their patients to sign . . . or to sign away. It is essentially a signed confession. So please read and understand why no one should sign it and why it is really something other than what it appears to be.


NO CRITICAL THINKING ALLOWED: Oregon sheriff in hot water for Sandy Hook post

Michael Walsh
Yahoo News

A gun control group is calling for the resignation of the southern Oregon sheriff who has led the response to last week’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin, a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, is under the microscope after a letter resurfaced that he had written to Vice President Joe Biden threatening not to enforce potential gun restrictions.

His esteem among gun control advocates suffered another hit following reports that he once shared a video on Facebook that suggested the U.S. government staged the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting to “disarm the public.”

“This makes me wonder who we can trust anymore,” he wrote on the since-deleted post. “Watch, listen, and keep an open mind.”


World cybersecurity market to grow by (at least) $100b in five years


The global cybersecurity market will grow to an estimated $170 billion by 2020, from $77 billion in 2015, according to cybersecurity analysts. That estimate is conservative, one expert told RT, given constant expansion in technology and hacker abilities.

Seven-figure cybersecurity deals have gone up by 40 percent year-over-year, while the Asia-Pacific region is quickly emerging as a major market for cybersecurity interests, according to a quarterly report by Cybersecurity Ventures.

North American and Europe remain the top cybersecurity markets, the report said, while the “aerospace, defense, and intelligence vertical continues to be the largest contributor to cybersecurity solutions.”

The growth of the cybersecurity market, though, will likely be much more than the report estimated, Hemanshu Nigam, CEO of SSP Blue, a leading advisory firm for online safety, told RT.

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Caution: unHealthy People 2020 is coming after us all!

AntiCorruption Society

The mandatory vaccination issue is ramping up and according to Dr Gary G Kohls, MD there are 271 new vaccines in Big Pharma’s pipeline. Since Big Pharma and the vaccine pushers and promoters have a “liability exemption” this business plan represents pure profit and no loss for all of those involved.

According to the excellent research of Dr Sheri Tenpenny, the Department of Health and Human Services launched a program in 2010 called: Healthy People 2020. Their goal is to remove all (but medical) school vaccine exemptions and push vaccinations in every arena of our society. Thanks to the Executive Order 13335 of Bush Jr, electronic medical records have been implemented across the country, tracking our vaccination history will be easy for government-corporations and medical institutions alike.

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US Freedom Act a ‘surveillance act in disguise’ – ex-MI5 agent

We are all still very much living under a global panopticon


The US is playing games with public trust by passing different versions of the same intrusive surveillance system, a modern day Panopticon. Any alleged changes to the bulk collection program are purely cosmetic, according to ex-MI5 agent Annie Machon.

The recently passed USA Freedom Act was hailed as a stepping stone on the way to renewed public trust after the highly controversial Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which expired in May. Under the new law, the practice of bulk data collection on US citizens will be entrusted to telecom companies, and the NSA will be able to obtain the records through seeking a warrant from the FISA court.

So what does this recent decision mean with regards to the NSA’s bulk collection program, and can Americans feel more at ease about the security of their phone data with the introduction of the new Freedom Act? RT asked the former MI5 agent-turned-whistleblower for her take.

RT: Firstly, what’s your take on this? It’s an isolated court case, you could say, but does it have any big impact, do you think, on the NSA spying program.

Annie Machon: It’s business as usual for them. I’m sure they’re very happy to be told what they’re doing is legal, now. I mean, there have been a number of challenges, where different levels of courts in the US have said bulk metadata collection is legal; it’s illegal; it’s legal again. But, actually, what they’ve been doing is just business as usual under the 215 Section of the Patriot Act, which I think Congress was due to re-ratify at the beginning of June, but it became a bit gridlocked in the whole system. So, you know, they will be very happy with this result.

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What Does NASA Have in Common with Morgellons Disease?

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post 

Readers may be asking, “What’s Morgellons disease?” Well, it’s one of the new, technical age diseases, which may have its roots in genetic engineering/modification or even transhumanism research. Allopathic medicine is bombing out on acknowledging that it exists, claiming sufferers are delusional, but those who do acknowledge it, feel it’s a legitimate health problem and candidly suggest there is no treatment for it.

However, most of the efforts to research and deal with Morgellons have been taken on by patients like Cindy Casey, who tells her story here.

Interestingly though, some research has surfaced that may put another spin on Morgellons. That evidence is a NASA logo embedded in Morgellons fibers as artificial bio-intelligence! Don’t believe that? Well, how about this video that apparently exposes what NASA’s been doing for close to 40 years: creating artificial life by altering the genomes of cells. The early plans were titled “Artificial Cells: Prospects for Biotechnology.

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car_phasr_gun_700FORUM-Factory, Berlin – Thurday 1 and Friday 2 October 2015


Global surveillance disclosures leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden have sent planetary shock waves around the globe and outraged the public. In fact, they only represent a small percentage of the numerous illegal activities and programs perpetrated on citizens in the EU and beyond.

“Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.”
– Congressional Testimony of Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, 24 February 1974 –

When the infamous CIA mind control program Project MKUltra first came to light by the mid 1970s through investigations of the Church Committee of the US Congress, statements such as Dr. Delgado’s congressional testimony, shocked the public.

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Police Using Biometrics on Americans Without Consent in Unaccountable Database

Aaron Dykes
Activist Post

Facial recognition and biometric databases have been a reality in technology for decades, and have been used overseas by the military to assist in occupying potentially hostile populations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Populations there not only face the possibility of becoming a statistical civilian casualty, but are processed and tagged like cattle as well.

Now, that paradigm is coming home to roost – as spy agencies like the NSA have long planned.

Biometrics are designed for use in mass populations here in America and throughout the Western world, not just war-torn locales. According to the NY Times:

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Why You Need To Cover Your Webcam RIGHT NOW

Claire Bernish
Activist Post

Your computer’s built-in webcam is easy to take for granted if you don’t use if very often. But just because you don’t take advantage of this amazing piece of technology — as a woman in Toronto was recently shocked to learn — doesn’t mean it isn’t being used.

Chelsea Clark’s night watching Netflix with her boyfriend didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary — until pictures of the couple from that evening were sent to her Facebook account by the hacker who’d taken them from her webcam.

Clark described this as “a terrifying notion. It was a really bizarre thing to receive those messages and it really took a second to be like, ‘OH MY GOD, that’s what this means, that’s the implication of receiving this message is someone was just watching us. We obviously had no idea it was taking place at the moment, but retroactively it was like a really, really deeply creepy feeling. It was very unnerving. I mean it does feel like there’s just someone in your home with you.”

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Sandy Hook Promise Supports the Mental Health Reform Act of 2015

NEWTOWN, Conn., Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Sandy Hook Promise, a movement of almost half a million people that focuses on preventing gun violence before it happens, is supporting the Mental Health Reform Act of 2015. The legislation, proposed by Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), provides meaningful mental health reform at a national level that could also help to reduce gun violence throughout the country.

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Google Chrome Listening In To Your Room Shows The Importance Of Privacy Defense In Depth

Rick Falkvinge
Privacy Online News
(June 18, 2015)

Yesterday, news broke that Google has been stealth downloading audio listeners onto every computer that runs Chrome, and transmits audio data back to Google. Effectively, this means that Google had taken itself the right to listen to every conversation in every room that runs Chrome somewhere, without any kind of consent from the people eavesdropped on. In official statements, Google shrugged off the practice with what amounts to “we can do that”.

It looked like just another bug report. “When I start Chromium, it downloads something.” Followed by strange status information that notably included the lines “Microphone: Yes” and “Audio Capture Allowed: Yes”.


Without consent, Google’s code had downloaded a black box of code that – according to itself – had turned on the microphone and was actively listening to your room.

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