Meet the Crooks Who Staged Sandy Hook (Video)

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Videographer ‘Barry Soetoro’ Interviewed by Jim Fetzer (Video)

Barry Soetoro

ABC Evening News- 1972 Republican Convention

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CNN, Anderson Cooper Sued for Defamation

John Pacenti
Palm Beach Post

The doctor at the center of CNN’s investigation that led to last year’s closure of the pediatric cardiac surgery program at St. Mary’s Medical Center struck back Tuesday with a remarkable defamation lawsuit against the news network.

Vanderbilt Scion and News Presenter Anderson Cooper

Dr. Michael Black of St. Mary’s Medical Center has sued CNN for defamation for stories that resulted in the closure of the hospital’s cardiac pediatric surgery program.

Dr. Michael Black’s 200-page lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County Circuit Court alleges rivals – particularly Miami’s Nicklaus Children’s Hospital – tried to sabotage the fledgling heart program.

Black, who is still on staff at St. Mary’s, did not specify a dollar amount to be sought at trial except to say he seeks compensation for “reputational and economic harm.”

The real target of the complaint, though, is CNN. Besides lead reporter Elizabeth Cohen, on-air talent and renowned anchor Anderson Cooper is among the defendants.

“Dr. Black’s complaint clearly demonstrates the lengths to which CNN and its reporters are willing to go to grab headlines and promote their ‘Empowered Patient’ brand,” said Libby Locke, one of Dr. Black’s attorneys out of Alexandria, Va., who filed the lawsuit.


Will Jury Trial Vindicate Sandy Hook “Truther”?

Travis Gettys
Raw Story

Sandy Hook “truther” will face a jury after a Connecticut judge rejected his request for a special probation program for allegedly — and repeatedly — harassing a slain teacher’s family.

Matthew Mills confronted the sister of Victoria Soto after a Nov. 7 charity race held in her honor and recorded video of the woman’s reaction, reported the News Times.

Soto was hailed as a hero after investigators said she protected her first-grade students from a gunman during the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The 32-year-old Mills was charged with breach of peace and interfering with police after investigators say he shoved a photo of Soto into her younger sister’s face and angrily shouted that she had never existed and the mass shooting had not taken place.

Jillian Soto was upset by the accusations and repeatedly asked Mills to leave her alone, but instead he continued shouting at her and recording video of her crying until police arrived.


Journalists Threaten to Send Topless Women to FAU Campus to Protest Censorship

“That’s been my motto for dealing with FAU since 1998: negotiation through humiliation.”-FAU Volunteer Student Media Advisor Michael Koretsky

This episode highlights the underhanded and censorial practices of Florida Atlantic University administrators that recently fired Associate Professor James Tracy for failing to file paperwork in a timely fashion.-Ed.

Deirdre Funcheon
Broward Palm Beach New Times

Go Topless protest in Miami Beach
Photo by Logan Fazio

A weekly newspaper, the South Florida Gay News, has long been distributed on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, a public institution.

But according to SFGN’s editor Jason Parsley (a graduate of FAU), earlier this month, “My delivery guy showed up to FAU and realized there was no newspaper rack anymore.” When Parsley asked an FAU staff person why, she “basically said that the racks have been removed due to renovations” and asked him to suspend delivery of the papers in the meantime.

Parsley says he was suspicious. He wondered if it was retaliation, because just two weeks earlier, he had published a story critical of FAU.

Parsley asked when renovations would be done. He was told May of 2017. “I was expecting two weeks or three weeks — but a year and a half to rebuild a newspaper rack? They said if they found place in the meantime, they would contact me.”


South Carolina Lawmaker Wants to Create a “Registry” for Responsible Journalists

Inae Oh
Mother Jones
(Jan. 19, 2016)

Perhaps inspired by Donald Trump’s recent call for a Muslim database, one South Carolina representative just introduced a measure to create a different kind of strange registry—this time to track journalists deemed “responsible” by the state.

The bill, proposed by Republican state lawmaker Mike Pitts, would establish vague requirements for journalists to submit to a registration process by the state. Journalists found in violation of the registry, by either not registering or breaking his rules, would be subjected to monetary fines and even criminal penalties—a lighter version of how the Kremlin treats its own pesky champions of free speech.


San Bernardino – A Closer Look (Video Doc)


Video: San Bernardino Shooting Victims Handing in ID Lanyards?

H/t Toni

Unedited Footage of San Bernardino Shooting Triage: Censored by Major News Outlets?

Ron Johnson

Daily Shooter: San Bernardino Evidence of Multi-Agency Drill, Staging Areas, Set-up in Less Than 90 Minutes

21st Century Wire

Another Daily Shooter event has taken place in San Bernardino, California. As we go to press, police marksmen appear to have shot-up a black SUV, with one suspect killed, one severely wounded [later pronounced dead] and another escaping on foot according to NBC News live coverage. It’s still unconfirmed whether the SUV passengers are actually the same men who were the original ‘active shooters’ at the original crime scene.

Earlier this afternoon at approximately 12pm PT, we’re that 14 people were reported to have been killed and another 17 have been hospitalized with various injuries, after the 3 shooters are said to have opened fire with ‘long guns’ inside a conference venue, in the Inland Regional Center, a government-run disabled services office complex, located in San Bernardino. Police gave chase to suspects and claim that 3 assailants were masked (therefore could not be ID’d at the scene), heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor.


MADE FOR TV: The later shoot-out was perfectly positioned for a Television News chopper to capture the drama unimpeded for national audiences, putting all the latest police military gear on display.


Nationwide Media Blackout on Amazon’s Suppression of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’

censorshipOn November 21 a press release reproduced below announcing Amazon’s censorship of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook was sent to almost 23,000 news media outlets by Sherwood Ross Associates, a Miami Florida-based public relations firm. Thus far almost without exception the press release has been ignored, representing a wall-to-wall media blackout of the internet powerhouse’s incredible act of suppression.

Further, journalists at those very media now have an opportunity to download the book for free and judge the validity of the research.

Here is the breakdown of media receiving the press release:

Black Weeklies – 183
TV Networks – 11
Local TV Stations – 1428
AM Radio – 7560
FM Radio – 6766
Dailies – 1404
Weeklies – 5586

Total: 22,838

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