Meet the Crooks Who Staged Sandy Hook (Video)

Barry Soetoro Esq.


Hillary Clinton’s Illness Revealed (Video)

Zionist Glenn Beck Declares War on Russia

Mike King
Tomato Bubble

Of all the Zionist agents of neo-con talk radio, no one has gone to such great lengths to debase and degrade himself in the service of Zion than the certifiably insane Glenn Beck. zionist beckBy comparison, Israeli shills Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and even the Jews Mark Levin and Michael Savage come off as Arab sympathizers next to the bigmouth butter-ball, drama-queen Beck.

In 2011, Beck, invoking Moses, kicked off his “Restoring Courage” Tour in Israel. The stated purpose of the August event was “to stand with the Jewish people”. During the lead-up to the tour, Beck addressed the Knesset (Parliament) Diaspora Affairs Committee, advising the members on how to counter the “de-legitimization” of Israel.

Invoking Moses, Beck addresses the retard mob of Zio-Christians who followed him on his tour to Israel.

On August 21, the ecumenical gathering “The Courage to Love” was held as part of the tour. There were 3,000 people in attendance at the event which was broadcast to over 1,000 Zionized Christian psuedo-churches in the United States.

On August 22, an observance in remembrance of the Holocaust (TM) titled, “Courage to Remember”, took place. It featured an invocation by Rabbi Moshe Rothchild; followed by remarks by Beck and neo-con actor and fellow fake-crier Jon Voight.


Videographer ‘Barry Soetoro’ Interviewed by Jim Fetzer (Video)

Barry Soetoro

Alex Jones Responds to Surprise Hillary Attack on 9/11, Sandy Hook Massacre (Video)


Craig McKee
Truth and Shadows


This summer season of contrived “terror” and “rage” has left many wondering whether the world has gone completely mad and whether chaos is the new normal.

I would say it has – and it is – but not for the same reasons our media and authorities would have us believe.

There have been so many “terrorist” attacks – or apparent ones – in the past couple of months in the U.S., France, Germany, and Japan that it’s hard to keep up (and we’re not even counting the serious violence in Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh, and other countries we’re conditioned not to care much about). Just as we get a handle on one event, another yanks our attention somewhere else.

Those who can’t bring themselves to believe that some of these mass killings, or alleged mass killings, might not be what they appear to be, instead wring their hands and talk about how the world has become darker and more dangerous than ever before. And they fear that no place, and no one, is safe.


Black Lives Matter: America’s Homegrown Version of ISIS?

Dallas Police Massacre Shows That Texas Is The Real Battleground State

Just how much violence will BLM commit before they are labelled a terrorist group?

State of the Nation

ISIS was created by the US, UK and Israel. The Obama Administration
is utilizing the same divide and conquer strategy in the United States via
Black Lives Matter that they used in Syria and Iraq by supporting
Daesh terrorism.


The whole community of nations now knows that the CIA, MI6 and the MOSSAD created, armed, funded and materially supported ISIS as it has rampaged across the Northern Levant. The creation of the Islamic State and fabrication of Islamic jihad across the region was the backbone of the Zio-Anglo-American strategy to divide and conquer the Mideast. Not only were vast oil and gas reserves at stake, so, too, was the most valuable geopolitical piece of real estate on the planet.

It took Putin’s Russia to expose this unparalleled conspiracy which their Air Force did with extraordinary efficiency. At the end of the Russian military campaign in Syria, ISIL was shown to be working directly with the US, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Greater Israel project was being painstakingly advanced with every act of terrorism and war crime, land grabs and resource theft until the Russian intervention transpired.

This divide and rule strategy has worked so well for Obama & Company that they now appear to be bringing it to the homeland. As a matter of fact, even Homeland Security’s Director Jeh Johnson appears to be on board, as does Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James B. Comey. POTUS Obama and VPOTUS Biden have been running this Jesuit game like a charm since January 20, 2009.


Philandro Castile and Girlfriend Discredited? (Video)

Dennis Michael Lynch

How Sandy Hook Killed TV (Video)

Barry Soetoro Esq.

Jo Cox Shooting Suspends Brexit Campaign – False Flag Conspiracies Flood Internet (Video)

Ron Johnson

CIA Insider: You Are Under Psychological Attack

Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney on Alex Jones

Mort Zuckerman’s Daily News Assails Bernie Sanders For Opposing Sandy Hook Crisis Actor Fraudulent Lawsuits


Bernie Suarez
Sleuth Journal

The mainstream media propaganda machine struck with a forceful blow at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. See the size of the letters in the New York Daily News front cover attack. The size of the letters and the headline alone tells a powerful story of the depth and the over-the-top application of the State propaganda we live in today.

So not only is no one allowed to question Sandy Hook despite the fact that no part of the event contains any 3-dimensional reality to it and is instead delivered by the words coming out of the mouths of the participants, but even the notion of slowing down the flow of post-Sandy Hook cash flow or questioning the gun control agenda is being attacked as “shameful” by the New York Daily News and the rest of the treasonous CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) driven mainstream media. Yes they do this all the time. The target this time was presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, who like all the candidates endorses the artificial reality version of the Sandy Hook “story”, didn’t even question the 2-dimensional version of the story.