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The Real Deal Ep # 199 The James Tracy Lawsuit

James Fetzer
MBC Broadcasting

Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?

Paul Craig Roberts

Most people who are aware and capable of thought have given up on what is called the “mainstream media.” The presstitutes have destroyed their credibility by helping Washington to lie—“Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” “Russian invasion of Ukraine,” and so forth. The “mainstream media” has also destroyed its credibility by its complete acceptance of whatever government authorities say about alleged “terrorist events,” such as 9/11 and Boston Marathon Bombing, or alleged mass shootings such as Sandy Hook and San Bernardino. Despite glaring inconsistencies, contradictions, and security failures that seem too unlikely to be believable, the “mainstream media” never asks questions or investigates. It merely reports as fact whatever authorities say.

The sign of a totalitarian or authoritarian state is a media that feels no responsibility to investigate and to find the truth, accepting the role of propagandist instead. The entire Western media has been in the propaganda mode for a long time. In the US the transformation of journalists into propagandists was completed with the concentration of a diverse and independent media in six mega-corporations that are no longer run by journalists.

As a consequence, thoughtful and aware people increasingly rely on alternative media that does question, marshall facts, and offers analysis in place of an unbelievable official story line.


U of California Faculty Question Napolitano’s Cybersecurity Fixation, Spyware Rollout

Christopher Newfield
Remaking the University

(January 30, 2016)

The San Francisco Chronicle has coverage of an issue that has been circulating on faculty email networks at UC Berkeley for a few days. The piece, “Cal professors fear UC bosses will snoop on them,” is behind a paywall. The first sentence reads, “UC Berkeley faculty Janet_Napolitanomembers are buzzing over news that University of California President Janet Napolitano ordered the installation of computer hardware capable of monitoring all e-mails going in and out of the UC system.” UC’s Chief Operating Officer says “that UC policy “forbids the university from using such data for nonsecurity purposes.” UC Berkeley’s Senate chair replies, “What has upset a lot of the faculty was that the surveillance was put in place without consulting the faculty.

In fact, the people installing the system were under strict instructions not to reveal it was taking place.” On the blog’s Facebook page, we’ve had some debate about how new this capability is, with some faculty from various universities saying they’ve always assumed their university email could be monitored at any time, and others saying this is a new level of intrusion.


The Anti-Broadcast w/Prof. Darrell Yamamoto

Journalists Threaten to Send Topless Women to FAU Campus to Protest Censorship

“That’s been my motto for dealing with FAU since 1998: negotiation through humiliation.”-FAU Volunteer Student Media Advisor Michael Koretsky

This episode highlights the underhanded and censorial practices of Florida Atlantic University administrators that recently fired Associate Professor James Tracy for failing to file paperwork in a timely fashion.-Ed.

Deirdre Funcheon
Broward Palm Beach New Times

Go Topless protest in Miami Beach
Photo by Logan Fazio

A weekly newspaper, the South Florida Gay News, has long been distributed on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, a public institution.

But according to SFGN’s editor Jason Parsley (a graduate of FAU), earlier this month, “My delivery guy showed up to FAU and realized there was no newspaper rack anymore.” When Parsley asked an FAU staff person why, she “basically said that the racks have been removed due to renovations” and asked him to suspend delivery of the papers in the meantime.

Parsley says he was suspicious. He wondered if it was retaliation, because just two weeks earlier, he had published a story critical of FAU.

Parsley asked when renovations would be done. He was told May of 2017. “I was expecting two weeks or three weeks — but a year and a half to rebuild a newspaper rack? They said if they found place in the meantime, they would contact me.”


Fired FAU professor James Tracy drops union-funded attorney

Lulu Ramadan
Palm Beach Post
(Jan. 20, 2016)

James Tracy, the professor recently fired from Florida Atlantic University amid controversial statements about the Sandy Hook massacre, has dropped his union-funded lawyer and hired his own attorney, according to the faculty union.

Tracy said Tuesday he hired attorney Louis Leo IV of Medgebow Law in Coconut Creek last week. Tracy told The Palm Beach Post the week of his dismissal that he planned to take “legal action” in his firing.

Tracy was dismissed from the Boca Raton-based university Jan. 8. He enlisted the services of union-funded attorney Thomas Johnson, whose expertise is in wrongful termination.


Privileging Secrecy, FAU Administrators Shut Down “Journalism Task Force”

Jason Parsley

Florida Atlantic University’s Journalism Task Force is no more. The university shut it down last week blaming it on certain troublemakers.

In December SFGN published an op-ed criticizing the task force for closing a meeting to the public that experts said should have been open under the state’s open government laws.


The university never responded to SFGN’s criticism. Instead they just quietly shut their task force down with an email to members.

“Thank you for participating on the Journalism Task Force, which was developed with the goal of assisting us to improve student journalism at FAU. Due to the desire of some individuals to create unnecessary conflict that does not contribute to the progress of student journalism at FAU or aid in the progress of designing a better learning experience for students, we have decided to suspend the activities of the task force,” wrote Heather Coltman, arts and letters dean, and Corey King, student affairs vice president. “The work of ensuring that student journalism thrives at FAU, however, will continue under the direction of the faculty advisors selected specifically because of their professional journalism credentials.”

I wasn’t the only one who criticized FAU. The student newspaper’s volunteer adviser also did so saying on his blog “I’m now banned from these meetings.”


AUDIO INTERVIEW & ARTICLE: Firing of Professor for Sandy Hook Beliefs Cowardly

Dave Gahary
American Free Press


Perhaps no recent event has ignited more controversy than what did or did not unfold at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

Dave Gahary sat down with prolific conspiracy researcher Professor James H. Fetzer, who discusses the firing of tenured Professor James F. Tracy, one of the top media analysts in the country, from Florida Atlantic University’s School of Communication & Multimedia Studies, who gained notoriety for his questioning the ways the mainstream media presented their coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary School event.

Dr. Fetzer also discusses the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook, banned by and “suppressed” by their print on demand subsidiary CreateSpace, in this disturbing interview (13:42).


The Chronicle of Higher Education buckles to the “official account” of Sandy Hook

Prof. Jim Fetzer

It’s bad enough when The New York Times and The Washington Post publish propaganda and disinformation about Sandy Hook. But now The Chronicle of Higher Eduction has published one of the most disgraceful and contemptible articles I have encountered in my entire life. Authored by one Kevin Carey, it has no redeeming merit: even in relation to issues of academic freedom, it reflects a completely corrupt and grossly unethical conception. Here are some extracts and my reply, where you can find the text in full on-line. As of this date and time, The Chronicle has yet to publish my response.



FAU fires professor who said Sandy Hook shooting may have been staged

florida atlanticLulu Ramadan
Palm Beach Post

BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University on Tuesday officially fired associate professor James Tracy, best known for his claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre may have been staged.

Tracy was served an official notice of termination Tuesday, according to a statement from university officials. His last day will be Friday.

Tracy was fired for failing to submit paperwork detailing his activities outside the university, according to his termination letter.


Lenny Pozner Stalking James Tracy

The Real Deal