California Teachers Offered “Anti-Hate, Trump Teaching Plan” To “Empower Students”

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Following last week’s dissonance-destroying victory for Donald Trump, San Francisco teachers are being offered a ‘Donald Trump lesson plan’ to “help students understand the election,” but, as NBCBayArea reports, opponents counter that it is leftist propaganda meant to scare children about the incoming president.

Fakhra Shah, a teacher at Mission High School, drafted the plan with the goal of empowering students, she said.

?This is anti-hate,? Shah said. ?This is not just anti-Trump.?

On the heels of Trump?s stunning Nov. 8 victory, Shah wrote a letter to staff, in which she said, ?A racist and sexist man has become president.? She also urged them to use a new, optional lesson plan that will allow students to say what?s on their minds.

“It?s a call to educators to take that anti-racist stance, to take the anti-sexist stance and to tell the students, ?We are there for you. We will talk about…

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