Despicable Michael Moore Pulls Pathetic Publicity Stunt in New York on Behalf of Elitists Demanding Trump Resign and Electoral College Reform

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton


Michael Moore wants Trump to “step aside” because he lost the popular vote to the lying globalist criminal warmonger Hillary Clinton who was backed by Wall Street and every neocon Bush/Cheney warmongering Republican who still draws breath. This, according to Michael Moore, is the “progressive” call to action we should all get behind.


I hate Michael Moore. Ever since he made Sicko right in time to set the stage for the fascist mandated “Affordable” Care Act ( first created by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank and implemented by Mitt Romney) which cherry-picks millions of healthy young people and forces them to buy insurance they don’t need or want for the benefit of Big Insurance, I have hated Michael Moore.

“Obamacare is a godsend” Michael Moore, 2013

And that is too say nothing about him and that other fake-leftist, Bill Maher, getting on their knees and…

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