16 Civillians Murdered by Obama backed ‘moderate’ Terrorists

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from Eva Bartlett

Terrorist attacks on various areas of Aleppo today, including New Aleppo, Hamdaniyeh, and Mouchir, in an area about 70 metres from where I was an hour prior to attacks on that area today.

The latest report is that 16 civilians were murdered today (including at least 4 children—as of the count of 12 murdered, 4 were children) and over 200 civilians injured in the numerous Grad rockets, mortars, double car bomb, and explosive bullet attacks all over Aleppo today.

At al-Razi hospital, the seriously wounded rolled in, with leg and head injuries, shrapnel injuries. Dr. Mohammed Batikh, director of Razi, said (before all of the injured had been brought in) that two boys are in ICU with shrapnel in their skull and stomach, examples of injuries which may later increase the death count.

While at the morgue around the corner, two corpses came in delivered…

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