Chris Hedges | Unspeakable

Absolute bunk. Like Chomsky, for the past 15 years Hedges has consciously ignored or obstructed genuine inquiry into some of the most pressing geopolitical phenomena of the 21st century, particularly the events of September 11, 2001. This is because he knows where his bread is buttered. Hedges is a deeply connected, foundation-funded author, a creature not worthy of being referenced in the same breath as Paine and indeed worse than any combination of neocons he may choose to decry.

Rise Up Times

He is an intellectual heir to American radical heroes such as Thomas Paine and Noam Chomsky, and is dedicated to reigniting a shared commitment to radical equality and honesty.

Goodreads  October 2016

Chris Hedges on the most taboo topics in America, with David Talbot.

UnspeakableChris Hedges has been telling truth to (and against) power since his earliest days as a radical journalist. He is an intellectual bomb thrower, who continues to confront American empire in the most incisive, challenging ways. The kinds of insights he provides into the deeply troubled state of our democracy cannot be found anywhere else. Like many of our most important thinkers, he has been relegated to the margins because of ideas deemed too radical—or true—for public consumption. Whether it is covering the dissolution of former Soviet states or embedding in the Middle East to understand the post-9/11 world, he has been a singular voice pushing…

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