Soros Admits “Landslide Popular Vote Victory” For Trump But President Clinton Is A “Done Deal”

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The following shocking clip of George Soros mumbling through an interview in August with a Bloomberg reporter shows him admitting that:

“it’s all going to lead to a landslide victory for Donald Trump… in the popular vote…. not in the electoral vote because they’re paid political elements/announcers will have a big role and so the electoral vote will be closer…”

Was it a slip of the tongue by a boasting billionaire to a pretty blonde television reporter? We will never know what he was stumbling to say, but from the words he did mumble, it is clear that the deep state is very much in play and knows exactly how they have planned this to end.

* * *

As Bill Still notes, what word is he trying to pull up? I think he starts to say “paid political elements”.

Perhaps he means that there will be massive paid political…

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