Glenn Beck Brings His Special Emoting Superpowers to Bear on Donald Trump (no Vicks Vapor Rub crying tricks needed)

“… A sociopath is someone who doesn’t really see the human experience in anyone else.” With a straight face … To Charlie Rose. Amazing.

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

For the small sliver of folks still watching Glenn Beck, perhaps this might have some tiny effect on the current presidential contest. But I doubt it. He has previously  suggested voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton could be a “moral, ethical choice.”

The other day on Charlie Rose, Glenn Beck, a man who used Vicks Vapor Rub on is own eyes so he could fake a real emotional experience for the benefit of his audience (and his wallet), said of Trump

“Have you seen him, during the last year and a half, truly feel for someone that couldn’t help him? Truly connect on a human level and say, ‘This has made me stop. This has made me think. I’m deeply sorry for what I have said?’ Frightening,” Glenn Beck

When he said those words he used his “quiet, reflective, starring off into space going deep into the human…

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