Hillary Clinton’s medical handler, cleaner, & prompter were all at the last presidential debate

Fellowship of the Minds

Remember this pic of a burly black man carrying a Diazepam auto-injector pen in his left hand, who accompanied Hillary on her big night accepting her party’s nomination at the Democratic National Convention? (See “Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President: Photographic proof she has seizures”)

Hillary's body guard holding Diazepam pen
Hillary's body guard holding Diazepam pen1

The burly black man, Hillary’s medical handler, has been seen accompanying her everywhere, for example, at the American Legion convention on August 31, 2016 (see “Chameleon Hillary Clinton is back to looking like sh*t — and the return of her medical handler”):

Hillary's medical handler at American Legion convention 8-31-2016 40.48 (2)

Mr. Medical Handler was also at the third and last presidential debate on Oct. 19. You can see him hovering over Hillary as she was fawned over by that Hollyweird POS Ted Danson:


In the “meet & greet” pic, did you see that bespectacled, white-haired white guy next to Mr. Medical Handler?

He’s Hillary’s cleaner— an attorney and…

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