U.N. Event Shows how Its Sex Agenda Tramples Children’s Rights*

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U.N. Event Shows how Its Sex Agenda Tramples Children’s Rights*

By Rebecca Oas

That all children have a mother and a father is a biological fact.  That they have a right to know and be raised by their parents, where possible, is enshrined in the U.N.’s most widely ratified human rights treaty.  A U.N. event last week highlighted how those rights are undermined by efforts to redefine the family in law and normalize reproductive technologies in policy.

“For many years, this suffering has been in silence,” said C-Fam senior vice president Susan Yoshihara, who moderated a panel of scholars and practitioners of children’s rights.

The event was convened by C-Fam, publisher of the Friday Fax, and co-sponsored by the Mission of Belarus, the 25-nation Group of the Friends of the Family, and the 175 members organization of Civil Society for the Family.

Mark Regnerus presented his work illustrating the profound…

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