State Department Asked What Is Difference Between Yemen And Syria Bombings, Awkward Moment Follows

Russia’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, lost her cool in response to a Western journalist who asked her the question: “Why is Russia supporting Assad, who is killing civilians?” But even more incredible was the utter lack of response when US State Department officials were asked what the different between bombings in Syria and Saudi air strikes in Yemen.

from Zero Hedge:

iraq-libya-yemen-syria-20160731_ME2_0As we asked rhetorically yesterday,how Kerry can accuse Russia of committing war crimes in Syria with a straight face is unclear, as reports of atrocious crimes committed in Yemen continue to surface.

It seems AP’s Tom Lee questioned this hypocrisy also.

As The Independent reports, a US government spokesperson has struggled to answer questions put to him on why the US condemns Russian bombing in Syria, and supports Saudi-led bombing in Yemen, both of which have killed thousands of civilians.

During a media briefing in…

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