Hotel hosting international journalists & humanitarian staff shelled in Aleppo (VIDEO)

Friends of Syria

A hotel in Aleppo, Syria housing international journalists and humanitarian aid workers was shelled overnight, according to the Russian media. The fire presumably came from a rebel-controlled area.

The militants shelled a hotel in the center of Aleppo, Syria, which is known to house many foreigners, including a group of journalists and the representatives of several humanitarian organizations, including the United Nations, UNICEF, and Red Crescent, Russian TVC channel reported.

According to the broadcaster, employees of Russia’s “Zvezda” TV channel were in the hotel at the time. Journalists from Russia’s Channel 1, VGTRK, and REN TV broadcasters were also staying at the hotel, and Channel 1 also recounted the shelling.

Eighty-millimeter mortar guns were fired at the hotel, according to Channel 1. Six mortars were reportedly fired at the complex. One leveled the hotel-staff building…

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