EXCLUSIVE: Who are actually “Assad mercenaries” killing “innocent Saudi tourists” in Aleppo, Syria?

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Rebel rocket attack kills young Syrian swimmer in Syria’s Aleppo


Mireille Hindoyan, a young Syria swimmer and university student, was killed by a homegrown missile fired by Islamist militants on government-held districts of the northern city of Aleppo.

Her 12-year-old brother, Arman, was also killed in the attack.

The former national champion, who lives in a neighborhood mainly inhabited by Syrians of Armenian origins, was seriously injured and taken to a nearby hospital where she passed away.

Battles in the stricken city of Aleppo have intensified as the Syrian Army began a wide-scale offensive to recapture the eastern districts currently controlled by Islamist rebels.

As a result, retaliatory attacks by mortar shells and homegrown missiles fired by jihadi groups have steadily escalated, targeting several neighborhoods in the government-controlled districts in the city’s west.

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