U.S. State Court Rules Black Men Justified in Fleeing Police*

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U.S. State Court Rules Black Men Justified in Fleeing Police*

The court takes into account the racial profiling of Black people in the ruling.

On December 18, 2011, police in Massachusetts were called to investigate a robbery in the town of Roxbury. They were given the details of three Black men, described only as one wearing a “red hoodie,” one wearing a “black hoodie” and the other wearing “dark clothing”.

Jimmy Warren happened to walk past the police that evening, strolling through a park with a friend in dark clothing. As police charged towards the men, they attempted to run away. Warren was later arrested, searched and was found to have on him a .22 calibre firearm. He was charged and convicted with unlawful possession of a firearm, despite having nothing to do with the robbery.

But this week, a landmark ruling by the the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court threw out Warren’s gun…

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