Congress Needs to Declassify Its Records, Too FRINFORMSUM, 9/15/2016


These secrets need to be declassified too. These secrets need to be declassified too.

[Ed. Note: Pinch Hitting again for Lauren this week.  Will do my best!]

This week, the National Security Archive joined over thirty organizations calling for strengthening congressional oversight of executive branch intelligence activities.  The strategy and tactics for this strengthening are laid out in an excellent bipartisan white paper drafted by Demand Progress, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, R Street, and FreedomWorks.  The white paper argues that the best, most realistic method  to achieve this reform is to update the rules of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) at the outset of the 115th Congress.

Read the white paper for a briefing on the abundance of achievable rules changes that the House could make to increase intelligence oversight.  I want to flag four of the paper’s reforms that are near and dear to the Archive, and should be pushed by all historians and document…

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