TELL THE FTC: Merck HPV Vaccine Television Commercial IS FALSE & MISLEADING

Sarasota for Vaccination Choice

Petition — Original here:

By: James Lyons-Weiler, PhD266844-1467869862-wide
Target: The Federal Trade Commission

We, the undersigned, hereby submit to the US Federal Trade Commission this formal complaint that Merck, Inc. has, by and through its misleading television campaign for its product, a Gardisil™ vaccine, willfully misled the American public on the product’s capabilities and performance in protecting individuals against infection by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and from HPV-associated cancer, leading to possible injury due to product use.
The television advertisement, which has aired in various markets throughout the US, is composed of statements made by actors portraying adolescents who are represented as either having been infected with the HPV virus or have developed cancer from HPV infection.

This is the transcript of the television advertisement:

YFA: Young female actor
YMA: Young male actor
FVO: Female voice over
MVO: Male voice over
VO: Voice over
“FVO: I have cervical cancer…

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