Everyone Deserves a Job for Life

(Provided that one has requisite ‘correct’ political views and refrains from public commentary on controversial issues and events.)


It’s a refrain in the endless attack on education: ‘no one deserves a job for life.’  The phrase is meant to convey outrage against the tenure system. It summons images of feckless educators goofing off on the public’s dime, job security making us deaf to the injured cries of our students and rebukes from school administrators alike.

Implying that good work can only be motivated by fear, this view promotes a dim view of human nature. Such poorly documented negativity is contradicted by abundant evidence that people with job security put in hours of their own time to do the job well.

So let’s entertain the opposite idea for a moment.  Let’s say that job security is widely productive, that everyone deserves a job for life. Everyone should have the opportunity for meaningful work with a reasonable degree of security.

Everyone deserves a job for life.  The 1948

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