G.O.D, (GUN’S, OIL & DRUGS) THE ‘UNHOLY TRINITY: War, Greed and Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth


Source – constantinereport.com

“… The Golden Crescent trade in opiates constitutes, at present, the centerpiece of Afghanistan’s export economy. The heroin trade, instated at the outset of the Soviet-Afghan war in 1979 and protected by the CIA, generates cash earnings in Western markets in excess of $200 billion dollars a year”:

(War, Greed and Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth)

” … U.S. military and CIA officials have been interested in Afghanistan’s minerals since at least 2004. … For Americans, the first question is whether the knowledge of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth has played a part in the Bush and Obama administrations’ decisions to maintain and increase the U.S. military presence there. … “

Afghan Riches

Editorial | Toledo Blade | June 19, 2010

The United States has discovered that Afghanistan has mineral reserves, including copper, gold and lithium, worth an estimated $1 trillion. That revelation makes it an all-new war.

U.S. military…

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