The FAA Continues to Wage War on Drone Users


From the Daily Signal, by Jason Snead

Hobbyists must now comply with a host of flight restrictions or face steep civil and criminal penalties. (Photo: Westend61 /André Babiak/Newscom)

Last week, new federal rules for commercial drone operators took effect. For the first time, the Federal Aviation Administration is not demanding to review and approve of every single commercial use of drones in the country.

This approval-by-waiver process took months, and needlessly delayed commercial development and deployment of drone technology. But don’t expect the FAA’s new Part 107 regulations, which set strict limits on the type of commercial activity drone operators can engage in, to be much better.

The FAA persists in its largely unsupported claim that small drones are a serious threat to the national airspace, and dumped hundreds of pages of new regulations on the nascent commercial drone industry. Operators must pass an FAA knowledge test, which costs…

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