Islamic Crypto-currency E-Dinar Coin Released*

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Islamic Crypto-currency E-Dinar Coin Released*

A new Islamic cryptocurrency, E-Dinar Coin, was released on August 15. E-Dinar Coin states that 7% of its financial assets will be spent on charity. The system has won foundation that supports ecological projects in Asia. This approach reminds a Zakat (giving charity to the poor) part of the Shari’ah law. The E-Dinar Coin crypto-currency most likely has wide horizons in the modern world.

Allcoinsnews reports: E-Dinar international p2p exchange platform has announced the launch of its new E-Dinar Coin crypto-currency following a community analysis of the crypto-currency market which studied the successful cases along with the drawbacks of existing projects. E-Dinar Coin works with proof-of-stake technology.

Proof-of-stake is a method of the crypto-currency protection based on the need of the proof of keeping a certain amount of funds in the account. When using this method the crypto-currency algorithm is more likely to choose an account with a larger…

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