Zionist Glenn Beck Declares War on Russia

Mike King
Tomato Bubble

Of all the Zionist agents of neo-con talk radio, no one has gone to such great lengths to debase and degrade himself in the service of Zion than the certifiably insane Glenn Beck. zionist beckBy comparison, Israeli shills Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and even the Jews Mark Levin and Michael Savage come off as Arab sympathizers next to the bigmouth butter-ball, drama-queen Beck.

In 2011, Beck, invoking Moses, kicked off his “Restoring Courage” Tour in Israel. The stated purpose of the August event was “to stand with the Jewish people”. During the lead-up to the tour, Beck addressed the Knesset (Parliament) Diaspora Affairs Committee, advising the members on how to counter the “de-legitimization” of Israel.

Invoking Moses, Beck addresses the retard mob of Zio-Christians who followed him on his tour to Israel.

On August 21, the ecumenical gathering “The Courage to Love” was held as part of the tour. There were 3,000 people in attendance at the event which was broadcast to over 1,000 Zionized Christian psuedo-churches in the United States.

On August 22, an observance in remembrance of the Holocaust (TM) titled, “Courage to Remember”, took place. It featured an invocation by Rabbi Moshe Rothchild; followed by remarks by Beck and neo-con actor and fellow fake-crier Jon Voight.