The War On Whistleblowers & Why America’s Next President Will Kill Julian Assange

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I?m worried about Julian Assange. This is not a maternal instinct, but rather, a pragmatic one. The increasingly hostile statementsmade by top state officials and their surrogates show a widespread condemnation of whistleblowers in the halls of government. President Obama set the tone early in his administration.

In the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the rhetoric goes well beyond condemnation of methodology and straight to advocating for his brutal murder.

We already know that Obama, Clinton, Sanders, and Trump have all said they would prosecute Assange. Clinton, to get more specific, wants him extradited from Ecuador, prosecuted for espionage, and his WikiLeaks removed from the Internet. Her desire to charge him with espionage is only a little ironic considering the Clinton Foundation?s Pay-to-Play systemarguably warrants an espionage indictment, as does Clinton?s storing ofSpecial Access Program intelligence on an unencrypted…

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