I’m From Louisiana. Here’s the Flooding Story the Media Should Cover

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I’m From Louisiana. Here’s the Flooding Story the Media Should Cover*

By Norbert Michel

As a south Louisiana native who lived through Hurricane Katrina, I have every right to be aggravated with the national news coverage of the state’s latest natural disaster.

Due to massive flooding over the last week, one-third of the state’s parishes (called counties everywhere else) are official federal disaster areas.

The population for those parishes is almost 2 million people. One of the hardest hit areas is Livingston Parish (home to almost 140,000 people), where local officials estimate 75% of the homes are completely destroyed.

And it’s not over. Some rivers haven’t crested yet, and the flood warning has been extended to parishes that haven’t seen any flooding yet. More than a third of the state could see severe flooding.

By comparison, about 70 percent of the 134,000 homes in New Orleans were damaged…

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