Pentagon Refuses To Disclose How Many U.S. Troops Are Fighting ISIS

[Editor’s note: Plausible Deniability. Many of the forces fighting to bring down Assad in Iraq and Syria who have American citizenship, are employed by mercenary companies and not under the direct control of the Pentagon. These mercenary companies receive their funding from “private”corporations, investors and other countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They are supposedly “fighting ISIS”when in fact they are training ISIS in countries like Jordan and are part and parcel of the so-called “rebel” Syrian groups, who in fact are Al-Qadea re-branded under a variety of different names.Many are closely tied to the CIA.

A large sum of their funding comes from the narcotics industry currently running out of Afghanistan and shipped out of NATO bases, through Turkey and into the Caucuses  to Russia and through the Balkans ( what once was Yugoslavia but got balkanized) into Europe. Closely linked to the narcotics trade are also included…

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