Declassified Dirty War Documents, PDBs from Nixon and Ford Administrations to be Released, and More: FRINFORMSUM 8/11/2016


Argentine human rights groups have requested that the Obama Administration declassify records from the CIA, the Defense Department, and the FBI.

The Obama Administration this week released what it called “the first tranche” of declassified documents on America’s role in Argentina’s Dirty War, fulfilling promises made by President Obama  when he visited Buenos Aires earlier this year during the 40th anniversary of the military coup.

The release marks the first installment of thousands of CIA, NSC, Defense Department and FBI documents that are currently being gathered and reviewed as part of President Obama’s executive declassification project on Argentina. Another release of records is expected before Obama leaves office, with additional “tranches” of the most sensitive records to be released under the next administration. (During the last year of the Clinton administration in 2000, the State Department initiated a special declassification on Argentina which resulted in the release of 4,200 State…

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