Latest 11 Days of Military Operations in Syria ~ Terrorist gangs in Aleppo surrendered, civilians used as human shields leave freed Aleppo through humanitarian corridors, Daesh position and tunnel destroyed in Deir Ezzor, Syrian Army chases and eliminates terrorists across the country [Reports, Videos]

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Despite the terrorist attacks against the Syrian armed forces, their Allies, and against the Civilian Population, despite the hostile actions of Turkey, Saudi and American allies, despite the knocking media propaganda that mystifies every heroic operation carried out against international terrorism (accusing our armed forces and Allies for crimes they never committed), the brave Syrian army and the heroic Syrian people, together with Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah friends, continue the advance to regain the entire Syrian territory from the hands of the foreign-backed mercenary-terrorist, which are eliminated by the hundreds all over Syria.
Syria is, and always will be, tomb and stumbling block for all his enemies, close or distant that they are.

Mercenary-terrorist gangs in Aleppo surrendered after humanitarian corridors open, civilians used as human shields leave freed Aleppo through humanitarian corridors


Aleppo: mercenary-terrorists surrender after humanitarian corridors open




Aleppo: Russian Army chief statement

Aleppo: Syrian civilians freed through…

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