Volunteerism in Syria: a journalist’s journey to the heart of Syria

In Gaza

Syria Eva dc463
*Volunteers from the Saaed Association after Eid activities for children in Damascus.

Jul 24, 2016, American Herald Tribune

-Eva Bartlett

Syria has long been celebrated not only for its rich historical and cultural mosaic but also for its modern culture, secularism, sheltering refugees from neighbouring countries—including Palestinian refugees who are treated as well as Syrians and with the same rights, and its socialist provisions for the Syrian people, among which are free education and health care.

Yet, since 2011, in the minds of many outside of Syria, the country has largely been equated with the death and destruction of the NATO-GCC-Zionist-Turkish alliance’s pre-meditated war on Syria.

Unless one is actively-seeking information on positive aspects of life in the Syrian Arab Republic—which, perhaps to the surprise, many do abound—it is images of war which overwhelm.

One of many positive aspects that prevails in Syria is the spirit of volunteerism, throughout…

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