Austin to install smart water meters (linked to various health problems, privacy concerns) read by mobile phone network


Image: Austin to install smart water meters read by mobile phone network

The Texas Water Development Board recently awarded Austin Water Utility a $165 million loan that will likely be used to transition consumers over to electronic smart water meters, as well as expand the city’s reclaimed water use program.

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Hundreds of consumers affected by unusually high water bills last summer prompted Austin Water to apply for an $80 million loan to pay for new devices that would transmit data electronically.

Smart water meters can be difficult to read, however, due to the fact that they’re located underground in “harsh conditions,” often covered in dirt, water and insects.

Imperfect conditions make smart meters difficult to read

Austin Water is experimenting with new ways to read the meters — including via a mobile phone network and the one currently used for smart meters that govern electricity usage. The company is also considering developing its…

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