MIND GAMES: The 9-Point Guide To Deciphering Political Propaganda


Source – GarrentGalland.com

“… the well-worn pages of playbooks of every politician around the world, I think they are pretty much timeless and cross all borders… the stock and trade of the propagandist revolves around trying to simplify issues, no matter how complex, into easily understood concepts that tap into the existing attitudes and emotions of the target audience”:

(The 9-Point Guide To Deciphering Political Propaganda – by David Galland)

Given we are eyeballs-deep in the US presidential election cycle, now seems a particularly appropriate time to share some observations on the topic of political propaganda.

As a naturally curious fellow, some years ago – during the Clinton vs. Bush Senior contest – I became interested in the language and techniques used in political campaigning. So much so that I dedicated my daily study period to the topic for the better part of a week.

Since it will be…

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