Erdogan Formally Requests Gulen Extradition From US, As Power At Incirlik Airbase Restored

[Editor’s note: One week after the attempted coup in Turkey, the pieces are finally starting to make sense. Turkey’s support for ISIS appears to be terminated under negotiations with Russia to close their borders and bring to an end this almost 5 year war.

My personal opinion is that the Russian pull back when Aleppo was about to fall that confused everyone and Assad said Aleppo would be Erodogan’s grave, was in fact a surrender by Turkey to Russia though never spoken of such openly.  Now terms and conditions are being made under this “surrender,” keeping in mind that Putin has the full details of all those who were involved in buying illegal stolen oil from ISIS, (see: Who Owns ISIS} and that these terms and conditions do not suit Saudi Arabia, Qatar or their US /CIA backers who have caused devastation in Syria and Iraq with their Wahhabi Muslim…

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