World’s oldest bank faces uphill battle with EU trying for another bailout

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Italy’s third-largest and the world’ oldest bank, Monte dei Paschi de Siena, is on the point of collapse unless it receives state support. Its failure could spark a banking crisis in Europe, but EU rules forbid bank bailouts using public funds.

Alarm bells have gone off ahead of the results of European stress tests, due to be released at the end of July that will reportedly reveal Italian capital needs. Because of the concerns investors are staying away from the recapitalization of the country’s banks.

According to the IMF, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena has over $400 billion (€360 billion) of non-performing loans. Experts expect the bank to become the worst performer with the risk of its failure likely to shake the Italian banking system.

The bank has already been bailed out twice, but is likely to need a third multibillion euro cash injection from the government.


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