Nice Truck Attack: “He must have been radicalized quickly because there is no evidence of him being radicalized”

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

When you run a Geo-political analytical website like this one and you come up against logic like this, it just makes you tired. Immediately irrevocably tired. Tired deep down to your bones. Tired like a 14-hour shift and a 1 hour commute tired. Tired, tired.

“(France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls) added that the investigation was yet to prove the fact, but French officials were certain of the terrorist’s sudden turn into Islamism as he never had any “jihadist past.”Sputnik International

Why am I suddenly reminded of Donald Rumsfeld talking about the “known unknowns” or the WMDs “north, south, east and west of Baghdad”?

The Glorious and Honest Prime Minister of France was reacting to the telegram from ISIS™ which popped up yesterday claiming the truck driver in the Nice attack was their soldier.

Apparently that’s all the proof they need in France. Some random telegram send from some random, unverified…

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