Attacks on Academic Freedom Continue in Turkey



In March, AAUP President Rudy Fichtenbaum and I issued a Statement on Academic Freedom in Turkey, in which we “call[ed] on the Turkish government to stop the witch-hunt against Academics for Peace, respect academic freedom, free the arrested academics, and reinstate all the academics suspended or expelled during the persecution campaign with compensation.”  Unfortunately, the situation has continued to worsen.  The following paragraphs are taken from an account published In the Heinrich Böll Stiftung on July 13:

Until now, 40 signatories have been discharged from their jobs, 1124 of them are being prosecuted, and 4 have been arrested and released after more than a month which is not the final decision of the court. The next trial will be in September. Besides prosecution by the state, hundreds of signatories face disciplinary measures from their own universities; administrative duties, jury memberships, scholarships, as well as overseas and…

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