Man “wrongly accused” in Dallas Sniper Psyop Asks Paul Ryan to Pass Mental Hygiene Law

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Mark Hughes is reportedly in “hiding” due to his being sent numerous death threats and a situation he describes as almost a potential lynching involving a hotel and a “mob” of white guys. There is no word on whether or not police reports were filed.

Hughes is the guy who was “wrongly identified” by Dallas PD as a suspect during last week’s Dallas sniper shooting event. I put that in quotation marks because even after he was cleared by Dallas PD of having any involvement in the shooting, they left his photo up on their Twitter account for an additional 13 hours or so… just “because”


If Hughes isn’t part of this psyop, he has a right to be upset about that. Like he says, he could have been shot by some vigilante out there. Dallas PD should have been smart enough to know a smiling guy…

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