US citizens file lawsuit against Israeli ministers over Marmara raid

Behind The News

Three Americans and a Belgian national, who were on board one of the ships of the Marmara flotilla six years ago, have filed a lawsuit against the State of Israel at a US court.

In the lawsuit filed to a federal court in Washington, a copy of which Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked received over the weekend, the four seek compensation in light of the “war crimes” Israel has committed both in stopping the flotilla, which was making its way to Gaza, and by imposing a military blockade on Gaza.

In May 2010, IDF commandos boarded the six-ship flotilla which was trying to break the blockade. In the clashes that erupted on board one of the ships, nine Turkish citizens and an American of Turkish descent were killed.

Seven Israeli soldiers were injured by the violent ‘activists’ armed with iron pipes and knives, two of which sustained gunshot wounds from a…

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