Live Blogging Brexit Results

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Good evening.

I’m watching some of the early Brexit results coming in on BBC World tonight. I’m going to report on them as they come in but I wont stay up all night. It’s currently 7:30pm10:22pm eastern here in Florida.

(check after the break for earlier results) (voting results are rough estimates)

156 of 382 areas reported in thus far: “Leave” leads by 204,000 votes

Seems that the “Stay” establishment on the BBC are getting worried. This is much closer than they imagined a week ago. From what I can gather from their interviews with both pundits and “Stay” voters, they are dismayed at the negative campaign run by the “Stay” crowd over the last few weeks. Calling “Leave” supporters racists, anti-Semites and nationalists seems to have missed the mark. Truth is, they seem to be saying, is there is a very real anger rolling through…

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