Orlando false-flag: Man claims to be part of CIA plot targeting gays

Fellowship of the Minds

A potential “smoking-gun” for the Orlando gay-club shooting massacre has emerged, according to Brenda Corpian reporting for Get Off The BS. Corpian’s post was then reproduced by a number of sites, including G. Edward Griffin’s State of the Nation blog and HenryMakow.com.

Corpian’s claim is fourth-hand — that an unnamed former Los Angeles County prosecutor who works for Get Off the BS was told by two unnamed Santa Monica police officers that a 20-year-old man named James Wesley Howell, who was arrested by Santa Monica police on Sunday, June 12 (the same day as the Orlando gay-club shooting), with explosives and 3 assault rifles, said he was part of a CIA false-flag plan to launch attacks against gays on the east and west coasts.

Note that Howell is identified with his middle name, making his name James Wesley Howell, reminiscent of other 3-name political assassins in history…

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