GLADIO: How did Orlando victim “Antonio Devon Brown” die in the Pulse nightclub shooting, when he was killed in 2013 in West Virginia?


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“…According to media reports, Antonio Devon Brown was one of the 49 people killed in Orlando on June 12; except WOWK-TV News says Antonio Devon Brown died in shootout in 2013 in W. Virginia.  Strange. Two guys with the same name, approximately the same age, both being killed in shooting crimes years apart?????  Gee, what are the odds?:

(Orlando False Flag False Event Collapses*)

It takes someone who knows the scene to describe the scene…

Videos show people carrying “victims”
To the Orlando nightclub…

The shooter is anti-gay, but now he’s

He’s crazy, but he’s appeared as an actor
in at least two movies according to the
Internet movie database.

In the middle of the shooting, he took
time to make phone calls and post
to Facebook.


Videos show people carrying “victims” TO the Orlando nightclub…

First the shooter is anti-gay, but then he’s…

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