COVER-UP: AMI Smart Meters ‘Safety’ Science and the U.S. Military’s Influences


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“…Draconian overreach legislation passed by states and localities regarding mandated roll outs and forced acceptance of AMI Smart Meters, without informed consent or choice, when safe analog meters worked for decades – didn’t spy on us….nor make us sick”:

AMI Smart Meters ‘Safety’ Science and the U.S. Military’s Influences – By Catherine J Frompovich

One of the most important aspects, I feel, of networking, which I do a lot—plus truly value, is sharing information with colleagues so that data, evidence, and knowledge streams regarding geopolitical, social, and medical issues not only are expanded, but are not permitted to be hidden, usurped, and/or used profitably by vested interests against the common good, as is the case with much in today’s technocratic world of business, industry, politics and, most of all, by media intrigue and paid for-hire-lobbyists!

The sources that affect humans more than others, in my opinion…

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