War Criminal Henry Kissenger Arrives at Bilderberg 2016 [VIDEO]


Published on Jun 9, 2016

Watch as the Jabba The Hut of American Foreign Policy shuffles into the Bilderberg 2016 meeting

The Bilderberg 2016 attendee list

Will the ultra-powerful group decide to allow Donald Trump to take the Presidency of the United States?

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DRESDEN, Germany (INTELLIHUB) — Here you have it. We now know who has been confirmed to attend this years Bilderberg conference and we also know what the 130 participants from 20 countries will talk about behind closed doors at the posh 5-star Hotel Taschenbergpalais.

The 64th annual Bilderberg conference will take place June 9th through the 12th and will include top business moguls along with experts in academia, finance and industry.

The key topics of the conference will include, but not be limited to: current events, China, Europe (growth, reform, vision, unity), Middle East, Russia, the U.S. political landscape (will they allow Trump to take office?), the…

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