Saudi Arabia Threatens To Pull Funding From U.N. Due To Listing In Critical Report . . . U.N. Promptly Caves And Removes Saudi Arabla


125px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svgBan_Ki-moon_April_2015-1The United Nations this week vividly demonstrated how power not principle governs its humanitarian efforts. For a fraction of a second, the UN showed courage in the inclusion of Saudi Arabia on a listing of countries “kill or maim children” and “parties that engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals.” Saudi Arabia was included due to its widely denounced bombing campaign in Yemen which has indiscriminately killed civilians and children. Saudi Arabia immediately demanded that its name be removed from the list or it would kill funding for UN programs. It is the same type of threat leveled at the United States Congress that the release of long-sealed pages on Saudi involvement in the 9-11 attacks (and lifting a ban on suing the Kingdom) would result in the Saudis divesting U.S. holdings and destroy the economy. While Senators express outrage at the threat and voted to lift the…

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