BIG PHARMA: ‘Making a Killing’, The 124.6 Billion Dollar Cancer ‘Industry’ (Archive)


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“…Spending day in the Western world is a like spending a day running a gauntlet of toxins and carcinogens. Big Pharma, Big Agri and Big Business are getting rich off of poisoning Americans”:

Making a Killing with Cancer: A 124.6 Billion Dollar Industry – By Daisy Luther

If you had a business selling something that made you well over a hundred billion dollars per year, would you take steps to eradicate the need for your business? Or would you make every effort for that money continue rolling in?

Take cancer, for example.  Don’t let all the media hype about “The Cure” fool you.  No one who is in a position to do so wants to end cancer because they are all making a killing on the big business of treatment, while ordinary people go broke, suffer horribly, and die.

There will never be a “cure”…

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