President al-Assad to American magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’: “Israel is supporting terrorist organizations in Syria” (Full Text) ~ Updated with Jonathan Tepperman’s defamations

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President Bashar al-Assad said that wherever the Syrian Army has wanted to go, it has succeeded, but the Syrian army cannot have a presence on every kilometer of Syrian territory, adding “That’s impossible.”

In an interview given to the American magazine Foreign Affairs which will be published on Monday, President al-Assad said:

“We made some advances in the past two years.

But if you want to ask me ‘is it going well,’ I say that every war is bad, because you always lose, you always have destruction in a war.

The main question is what have we won in this war?

What we won in this war is that the Syrian people have rejected the terrorists, the Syrian people support their government more, the Syrian people support their army more.”

In response to a question on what Israel’s true agenda currently is in Syria, President Assad said that Israel is…

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