MIND GAMES: The Techniques of Modern Military Propaganda & the Science of Lying – By Thierry Meyssan


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“…Goebbels considered the art of propaganda as a combat against individuality. He underlined the importance of repetition and «brainwashing» to overcome intellectual resistance. This was even more important in that the use of television brought the crowd to the individual”:

(The Techniques of Modern Military Propaganda – By Thierry Meyssan)

Propaganda is a military technique which should be distinguished from strategic subterfuge. The former seeks to trick one’s own side, generally in order to garner support. The latter, whose antique archetype is the Trojan horse, aims to damage the adversary. As is often the case, this military technique has known many civil applications, in the commercial as well as the political sector.

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(The word «propaganda» refers to the Roman organisation whose job was to propagate Catholicism over Protestantism, the «Congregatio de Propaganda Fide»)

While at first, the monarchic and oligarchic régimes were satisfied with making a…

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