‘SHADOW’ GOVERNMENT: Secret Armies, Shadow Wars, Silent Unaccountability – By Gregory D. Foster


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“…Our “insight,” such as it is, comes from the movies we turn out in droves to get off on (Lone Survivor, Zero Dark Thirty, American Sniper, Act of Valor among them). We are voyeuristic spectators, and special operations forces are the centurions-turned-gladiators who provide us vicarious outlet for our basest aggressive, violent impulses. They voluntarily do the work we have – and want –nothing to do with, and we’re perfectly content to muddle along, in blissful ignorance, our hands kept even cleaner than those who represent us”:

(Secret Armies, Shadow Wars, Silent Unaccountability: Politicization, Militarism, Dirty Deeds, Unclean Hands – By Gregory D. Foster)

  • Headline: “Obama Embraces Special Operations Forces”
  • Headline: “Did U.S. Forces Commit Atrocities in a Key Afghan Province?”
  • Headline: “US Special Forces Kill ISIS Commander and Capture Wife in Syria Raid”
  • Headline: “Failure to Rescue…

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