DEAD MEN DON’T TALK: Man Who Connected Ted Cruz’s Dad with Lee Harvey Oswald Found Dead


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“…Anyone who has studied the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has understood the key role Cuban-Americans working for the CIA played in the intelligence community plot to kill Kennedy in Dallas, Texas in 1963. Government disinformation agents immediately played up Lee Harvey Oswald’s supposed ties to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans prior to Kennedy’s assassination, which was supposedly a pro-Castro organization created by the Soviet Union. More realistically, it was a CIA front group since most of the people associated with the organization in New Orleans, including Oswald, had all worked for the CIA in some capacity”:

(Man Who Connected Ted Cruz’s Dad with Lee Harvey Oswald Found Dead –

The blogger who claimed that Ted Cruz’s dad was in connection with John F. Kennedy’s murder has been found dead in his home.

Do you think that…

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