US, Russia missile row may lead to nuclear war: Analyst

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The US government’s decision to activate a network of missile systems across Europe may lead to a nuclear war with Russia, an American political analyst says.

The United States on Thursday activated a land-based missile system in Romania, despite Russia’s warning against a systematically increasing US-led arms deployment near its borders.

In an interview with Press TV on Friday, author and radio host Stephen Lendman said Washington was seeking to install “an offensive missile system” capable of delivering different types of warheads in the event of a conflict.

“America wages endless wars, never peace, always wars and Russia absolutely is a US target,” Lendman said.

He described Russia and China as “the final frontiers,” saying that Washington is constantly planning a regime change in the two countries.

Lendman said Washington’s so-called missile shield is a threat to the security of Russia and China, designed to prompt a military response from…

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